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Doll fashion

Find the best collection of doll fashion like doll clothes, doll makeup, doll shoes and much more only at Bait Al Tarfeeh, Explore now
• High-quality shatterproof, plastic mirror with working push-button light• Molded-in storage compartments for make-up and accessories• Drawer slides out for extra storage• 3-piece accessory set includes a hand mirror, brush and comb• Matching 11.75 in (29.8 cm) stool included• Minimal adult assembl..
Ex Tax:AED599.00
Jeedah top fashion girl and a creative bold character Very active but also patient to always perfect what she is doing,Her bold character causes her sometimes conflict with people around her. ·         ·        Get your kid into imaginative doll play with the hayati girl jeedah flo..
Ex Tax:AED230.47
Yes, I adore reading, It makes me fly into a magic worlds you can never imagine, So i see the world around me in a different way.  It inspires me, even in the way I choose my cloths.Dress 1pcPants 1pcShoes 1 pair  ..
Ex Tax:AED136.81
Sandy: her passion is reading. A persistence,hard working girl who is shy sometimes and uses writing a lot to express her feelings. New look with an Cpeach bow to complete  your holiday  with a shinny  style. Hayati girl sandy peach dress. The doll comes at a size of 18 inches. It h..
Ex Tax:AED185.39
I owe my family for who i am today! I owe them my strong, simple character and my elegant communication with the people around me,In fact,  itâs due to their caring and attention.  So i always make sure to wear what suit my personality. An elegant and simple dress. Dress 1pc Pants 1..
Ex Tax:AED136.81
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