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Get Kids Swimming toys like bands, play balls, beach balls and much more only on Bait Al Tarfeeh. Visit our Online Toy Store in UAE.

The perfect fun squeeze, squash and play for both kids and adults with comfortable counter features. A pleasantly tiny toy toy. The inside is full of sparkle. Now, it’s available at our online toys store in UAE...
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These aquatic animals have so much fun squeezing and pulling out the water and spinning the glow inside. It makes a calm watery sound when you play. Mind you, these are just some of the tricky snakes that are hard to maintain. Squeeze it a little and if you are not careful it will get out of your ha..
AED 10.50
Ex Tax:AED 10.00
The dimensions are 103" x 69" x 22", 14 gallon vinyl poolThe capacity is 198 gallons. Also comes with a shelf box. Includes a repair patch2 air chambers each with double vavle intake and free-flow exhaust vavleDo not lean, straddle, or exert pressure on the inflatable wall or side wall as injury or ..
AED 127.88
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Enhance your beach or summing pool experience with this Ring pool with 50 balls . It is optimally shaped for ease of use. Its sturdy pretested material ensures durability. The package comes with 1 Pool, 50 Play Balls, 1 Repair Patch. It is suitable for children aged above two years. It is available ..
AED 73.50
Ex Tax:AED 70.00
Let your little one have a good time playing with Rollup Kids - Beach Toy 5pc-Set. Great water and beach toys. Ideal gift to little one and will surely provide endless hours of fun. This plastic toy set is suitable for your little boy and girl. This is made with high quality plastic material.. Your ..
AED 15.75
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Let your little one have a good time playing with Rollup Kids - Beach Toy 7pc-Set. Great water and beach toys. Ideal gift to little one and will surely provide endless hours of fun.This is suitable for your baby boy and girls. Your kids going to make fun with this cute toy set.Shop Now From Online T..
AED 40.95
Ex Tax:AED 39.00
Let your little one have a good time playing with Rollup Kids - Beach Toy Sea Animal 6pc-Set. Great water and beach toys. Ideal gift to little one and will surely provide endless hours of fun. This toy set is really cute for its little animal shape. You can make your baby smile by giving this toy se..
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Best way h2ogo tidal tower mega water park 5.65m x 3.73m x 2.65m - made of a durable and colorful pvc coated polyester material. Best way mega water parks allow parents to bring the party home and turn their lawn into a backyard bonanza! With built-in blowers and quick, two-minute inflation times, t..
AED 1,638.00
Ex Tax:AED 1,560.00
Bestway  Ice Cream Truck Ball Pit 122X84X84Designed for all year fun, bestway ball pits and play balls are great for both indoor and outdoor use. The kids line puts a creative twist on playtime, while stimulating growth and development in toddlers, such as hand-eye coordination and imagination. Allo..
AED 161.27
Ex Tax:AED 153.60
Bestway  Pool Swim And Slime PlaypoolThe bestway swim nï slime pool is perfect for kids looking to explore their adventurous messy side. The 3-ring pool with three assorted colors (red, blue and green) inflates quickly. Once you add the water, empty the bag of slime powder and stir until the water i..
AED 80.06
Ex Tax:AED 76.25
The hydro-force sunny lounge 5-person island is the epic accessory for all-day lake enjoyment. This monster island features five cup holders, a removable sunshade and three cushioned backrests, along with a mesh opening that lets you dip your toes into the water below. Two heavy-duty handles..
AED 1,217.10
Ex Tax:AED 1,159.15
Inflatable dog Pluto is a Bestway offer for children this summer. Pluto, a cheerful dog from popular Disney cartoons will provide a lot of fun to every child while playing in the pool, lake or seaside. Toy made entirely of durable PVC has a handy handle for comfortable swimming. The inflatable dog h..
AED 50.40
Ex Tax:AED 48.00
The bestway seagull’s view beach mat brings a personal paradise to your tanning or relaxation session. The realistic landscape designs of sunny beaches and ocean sunsets will help you unwind as you relax in your personal oasis. This beach mat is easy to inflate and quickly deflate for conv..
AED 75.42
Ex Tax:AED 71.83
Bestway Airmat Finish Air 183X69Inflatable pool lounger bestway 44007 is made of strurdy, pre-tested, two-chamber vinyl and designed for adult. The lounger features safety valves and pillow for sufficient comfort. Dimensions of the lounger are 183 x 69 cm and its load capacity is max 90 kg. repair p..
AED 17.40
Ex Tax:AED 16.58
Bestway Airmat Float N Roll 213X86Bestway  airmat float n roll - designed for kids (and adults) to have fun outdoors, This innovative float roll inflatable mattress is a quality product that puts the game back into fashion. Available in 3 assorted bright colors, It includes 2 air chambers for added ..
AED 52.21
Ex Tax:AED 49.73
The golden inflatable mattress allows you to relax in the sun, in style. No more basic pvc mattresses, discover the golden inflatable mattress with a glossy custom finish. Its 2-tube pillow provides suitable cervical support for those who want to take a nap on the water. Measuring 1.83 m / 6 feet lo..
AED 40.61
Ex Tax:AED 38.68
Bestway Airmat Rainbow 183X69A colorful, rainbow mattress is a fantastic proposition for lovers of outdoor relaxation. A simple, inflatable mattress is an obligatory element when relaxing on the water. The model presented in the offer is able to keep on its surface 90kg person, thats why it works gr..
AED 40.61
Ex Tax:AED 38.68
Bestway Airmat Summer Quotes 183X69Peace - love - splash - memories - summer - happiness - sunshine all these words sum up everything you will be feeling while floating on this pool mat. Float in fashion on the bestway summer quotes pool mat!Size: 1.83 m x 69 cm (6 ft. x 27 in.)Fun summertime words ..
AED 45.25
Ex Tax:AED 43.10
Bestway Airmat Tropical Bird 183X76Designed to get kids (and adults) moving, grooving and out of the house, this innovative super surf air mat is quality-tested and puts the focus back on fun. Available in 4 brightly assorted designs, it comes with 2 air chambers for buoyancy and a contoured pillow ..
AED 40.61
Ex Tax:AED 38.68
A convenient air pump for inflating mattresses, pools, etc. - with Bestway sidewinder electric inflator! Bestway sidewinder electric inflator is the perfect ally for inflating air mattresses, inflatable toys, swimming pools, and more. Without losing his breath! thanks to its 2 adapters, the pu..
AED 149.67
Ex Tax:AED 142.55
The 11 x 8.5in / 28 cm x 22 cm bestwayï؟½ air step ï؟½ inflation pump inflates and deflates your buoys, air mattresses, canoes, toys, and other inflatable accessories. Designed to provide maximum airflow, the pump produces a continuous flow of air in both upward and downward movements. It allows you..
AED 45.25
Ex Tax:AED 43.10
Bestway power grip air pump with the handle and very handy. It can provide good comfort during pumping. An extremely powerful, it has 230v air pump equipped with 3 pieces ventiladapteree. 3 adaptors for valve For easy inflating and deflating, The power grip air pump is a highly reliable pump..
AED 161.27
Ex Tax:AED 153.60
The sidewinder ac/dc air pump comes with 3 multi-purpose valve adapters to inflate and deflate airbeds, pool toys, camping mats, floats and more. great for in-home use. includes  4 x 1500ma  built-in rechargeable batteries. Electric pump easily switches between inflation and deflation..
AED 230.89
Ex Tax:AED 219.90
Bestway Alpaca Swim Ring Age: 10+ Material : Vinyl With Repair Patch..
AED 52.50
Ex Tax:AED 50.00
The bestwayآ® very berry inflatable baby pool is a cute and fun way to introduce kids to playing in the water! While they’re just getting used to splashing, these pools will give them a fun day outside and hours of entertainment. Specifically designed with your little one in mind, the uv c..
AED 126.47
Ex Tax:AED 120.45
Bestway Baby Tub 86X86X25Designed to keep kids cool and clean. Baby tub is quality-tested and makes bathing time fun for your little one! With this baby tub the little ones can enjoy bathing fun in the water. The bathtub is made of durable, tested vinyl. The air chambers have safety valves and the b..
AED 56.85
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Swim time or beach visits get a new twist as you get this contemporary swim ring for your angel. Crafted from a sturdy material, this swim ring features a Barbie print all over for a stylish finish...
AED 15.75
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Gift your darling daughter this beach ball as you plan a vacation to the beach. The Barbie print makes the ball attractive and will be loved by your little one. It is light in weight which makes it easy to carry...
AED 15.75
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Your little one will be ecstatic when they get a chance to play with the glitter fusion beach ball. With every throw or hit, this beach ball will shine in the sun. The  16ï؟½ (41 cm) size is perfect for children of all ages. This ball is sure to sparkle brightly in the sun as your child play..
AED 29.01
Ex Tax:AED 27.63
The pop beach ball from h2ogo!ï؟½ is the next trendy addition to your beach bag. The ball features modern art with colorful ice cream and sweet treat graphics. A built-in safety valve controls air pressure and makes inflation a breeze. 36" (91cm) beach ball Puncture-resistant vinyl ma..
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