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Dinosaur Hand Punch

Dinosaur Hand Punch
Dinosaur Hand Punch

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  • Model: LW-0513
  • Dimensions: 25.20cm x 15.00cm x 2.60cm

Children love to investigate melodic ideas with this charming turn on an exemplary instrument. A strong wooden base with a sweet caterpillar face holds a full octave of metal keys in all the shades of the rainbow. The eight keys are set apart with their relating note names. The two hammers are simple for little hands to hold and store in the base to turn into the caterpillar's recieving wires. An included twofold sided tune card highlights shading coded and lettered notes on a melodic staff to assist kids with figuring out how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Children are natural music-creators giving them fun and straightforward instruments like the Caterpillar Xylophone at an early age empowers these aptitudes and improve subjective, social-enthusiastic, language, and tangible advancement abilities. Figuring out how to play with the hammers is additionally extraordinary for fine engine improvement. Music advances innovativeness and creative articulation and has been appeared to help fortify deep rooted learning aptitudes like memory and focus.

Product Details
Suitable age2 - 6 years
Targeted GroupUnisex
Dimensions25.2 x 15 x 2.6 cm
Item NoLW-0513
Product nameDinosaur Hand Punch

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