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Feber Trike Baby Plus Music Pink C20

Feber Trike Baby Plus Music Pink C20
Feber Trike Baby Plus Music Pink C20
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  • Model: 800012132
  • Dimensions: 98.30cm x 51.50cm x 91.20cm
Baby plus music is an evolutionary tricycle, with a steerable system for boys and girls from 9 months to 3 years. A tricycle that includes a musical pack with lights and sounds and replaceable batteries! a perfect gift for any season! For when it is smaller, baby plus music rides will be more comfortable thanks to the included footrest for children; thanks to the belt and safety bar it will be safer and with the curved parasol it will be fully protected; And when they are ready months later, the pedals can be unlocked so they can pedal by themselves. They will have a great time! we think of you too! With easy driving system, metal structure for greater resistance and durability, rubber wheels for quieter rides, adjustable handle in 3 positions, bag and tipper; mounted tricycle measurements: 98.3 (length) 51.5 (width) 91.2 (height) cm; weight: 8,20 kg

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